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So. 25.

Who would have thought? XD When I was 15, 25 year-olds looked so "grown-up" and stuff. It also looked like such a faraway.."concept". ww Yet,here we are. :p

I really don't like it tbh; so many things are expected from you at this point and I really don't like that. Every day that passes life continues to feel like such a waste. I haven't accomplished anything yet, I can barely take care of myself and everything I want to do(and want to try to do) just costs a big pile of money.

Small changes happen every year,but they're not enough. I want to do and learn so many things, but lack of funds and lack of opportunities(which also result from lack of funds :p) keep me from hoping anything. I want to work,obviously; noone likes to sit around all day doing nothing productive. But first I still want to continue learning. So badly.

I will obviously continue Japanese classes,one way or another, this year. And while waiting for the December results to come out,I'm planning to hopefully take N3 this time. (but aspiring for N2!!11! XD) I also want a job. But I wouldn't want it to interfere with the Japanese studies. So, I want a part-time or a temporary job for now. Just so to increase my savings. And also *try* to feel a bit productive. XD I will probably need to start searching within the next month or 2.

I've also been thinking about studying in Japan, again. idk how, but I really want to. I want to take that risk finally. Feel like I'm living life a little. Do things. Go to places...
I still don't know how to though. orz I'd be interested in going to a vocational school there. Or on a short-term program on a university. But I don't even know where to start from to gather info...! I obviously don't want anything to do with my Bachelor. I want to study the language, the culture, history and the like. Or even other things. As of late I'm really interested in studying Photography. lol it's either here or there. 1 semester or 1 year(even 2). That's all I want now. ;^;

でもその前に・・近々行けるんじゃないかなと思ってww (don't want to jinx it,but let's hope XD)

Soooo, 25. Quarter of a century old. (笑)And this ends my annual I'm-getting-old-and-unaccomplised-post of this year.

12 27 12 - #九百九十 [blah]
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things that I've been doing while waiting for my AF dvd(actually I am waiting for 3 orders to arrive, including the dvd, none of which has showed up orz /corner crying), which of course is not here yet:

  • I've been hooked on AKB48 songs (funnily, while avoiding Arashi songs; especially the ones that are included on the dvd :p)

  • I started this game

    and dear god, it's the demise of my iPod battery XD
    goddamn japanese mobile card games XD

  • I'm half-seriously consider to start studying photography(or graphic design?) while continuing Japanese... while I should actually be looking for a job. D: how do you break that to your parents? XD

  • till that though...I need to learn how to plan an overseas trip. just in case I ever get the "graduation gift" my parents promised me. :p

  • I learned how to make a salty tart~ (essentially a quiche, but with tart dough XD)

  • I became a full-blown fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

  • ...and generally..ugh. just get me my orders already. ;_;
    arashi ♪ re(mark)able
    I swear I had the biggest scare yesterday morning, but:


    I really hate it when they put up pre-orders, like, an hour after I go to sleep. D: And then I wake up(earlier than the alarm too!) seeing that dreadful "sold out". Thank God they put more of the FP copies up shortly after that horrifying moment. ;^;
    Sure, there are alternatives even if you miss it, but they are definitely the expensive ones. :p

    Aaaand just saw(!) that my AraFes goods were shipped~ \o/ Also, it might be too early(?) but I started thinking about the Popcorn Tour goods already. XD Assuming the goods will be back to the usual stuff, I want to get the pamphlet and 2 photosets as always. Then, and as we have more dates/places, maybe get anything else I might want(such as the tshirt?) later on. :3

    And taking into consideration the usual patterns during releases/tours, we should get at least 2 new sets of photos in the Johnny's Shop(album offshots and pamphlet offshots), so things will be a bit tight for 2-3 months. X3 (not to mention having to save for the strong possibility of an AraFes dvd)

    lastly, can I just say that I want JWeb to go back to being an application? It's really wonky as a website. :| Don't know whose idea was this, but they definitely didn't think it through. :p with that being said, hope the Ura AraFes corner will get updated soon with more stuff(member messages/entries/etc). ;w;
    arashi ♪ colorblind rainbow
    there isn't really all that much going in RL at the moment. XD Probably the recent highlight has been this:

    yes,yes, finally. :3

    Japanese classes really take up most of my "RL" at the moment to be honest, but since it's something I (finally) enjoy learning I'm really glad. ^^ Lately I've been through a few more tens of kanji, keigo forms of verbs and expressions, transitive and intransitive verbs, the passive form, the causative form, several clauses and other expression patterns and forms. It's been a difficult month.(笑)
    まぁ~ soon I will start preparation for December, I guess. Doing past papers and whatnot. I need to make a revision plan as well! orz I also need to start thinking what I'll do after the exam..Obviously I want to continue (lol, anything else would be stupid :p),but since results for this will be coming out on 03/2013 I don't know whether to continue the classes straight away(regardless of the results), or wait till March to continue. :\
    anyway, taking the exam is my first priority now so I'll just focus on that.

    Fandom has been, as always I guess. :3 Good things are coming obviously but other than that・・・普通?ww 毎日感謝です。:3
    アラフェスのグッズも見たし、よかったと思った~ 生写真やWS,レポをお楽しみに~! 

    また、潤くんの「世界1」の司会を早く観たい~ (●・ω・)ノ 収録の小さなレポも読んだけど、、相変わらずの男前な潤くんでした~~ ヾ( ̄∇ ̄=ノ 来月のスペシャルも面白そう~ 特にVS嵐。またBET来る!^^
    あとは・・近々、何かの発表が来る気がするんだよな~ その「何か」の正体とは?!www (あんまり金がかからないような物にしてくださいww)
    08 30 12 - #985 [:3, jun, tanjoubi]
    jun ♪ 空のような

    arashi ♪ re(mark)able

    練習〜 練習〜 (苦笑)

    「悪」was a lot easier to write than I thought (笑)

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    arashi ♪ re(mark)able

    :D :D :D :D :D

    good god, finally here! T^T Unpredicted problems occurred with my first, original pre-order(I hate you too Amazon jsyk :<) and I had to order it again from elsewhere. that made me not only miss the pre-order's cheaper price, but to pay way too much extra money in general. orz
    But all that doesn't really matter now~~~! :'D it's heeeeere~

    like last time, a closer look~~~Collapse )
    03 26 12 - #971 [arashi, jun, lucky seven]
    arashi ♪ re(mark)able
    It's about time I ordered that box there,and it's comparison ti~me~
    so it has come down to:

    ► cdjapan → ¥17,100(10% off) + ¥1950 (AirMail shipping) = ¥19,050

    ► amazon jp → ¥14,629(27% off) + ¥1,155 (drama novelize) + ¥4,000 (International Express shipping) = ¥19,032(items' price is without taxes @ ¥15,032)

    ► amazon jp → ¥14,629(27% off) + ¥3,000 (International Express shipping) = ¥16,932 (item price is without taxes @ ¥13,932)

    Now..taking into account only the pros of each choice,you have that:
    1) expensive choice, but I get lots and lots of Frequent Shopper Points for my next purchaces
    2) expensive choice, but I get the book too
    3) cheapest choice

    obviously the most appealing choice is #3, but I still can't decide.. orz
    also..what is Amazon's International express shipping(haven't ordered there since forever)? courier service? does it have the possibility of getting customs charges?

    In other that I have the iPod Touch, I need to somehow find a way to borrow someone's smartphone to sign up for Jweb(smh that you can only initially sign up from a smartphone :<). I need me some "real time" Enjoy every month! ;_; (I was really happy when I found out that "Word of the week" was actually free,so I've been checking it first thing in the morning for the past two Mondays. :3)
    arashi ♪ re(mark)able
    このステキな3ヵ月間ありがとう ♥

    you will be sorely missed Lucky Seven, you will. TwT

    and I hope you become the stepping stone for Jun to land many more action roles~ X3

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